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Jean-Louis Emond
I explore the potential of materials through my work: steel, stone, bronze and cement for sculpture; encaustic, oxidized steel, acrylic and charcoal for painting and drawing. I often cut steel pieces from industrial processes and metal objects which I transformed to give them a new meaning. Sometimes, I use industrial technologies such as laser or water cutting to achieve the desired shapes, thus using the same techniques used to process the raw material to transform its by products into artwork.
I love working with metal, which by its strength and manageability, enable me to create two and three-dimensional airy and organic structures. I think of the deployment of artwork shapes in space as a « body » that would put its vitality and energy in relationship with its surrounding environment.
The human figure is my main theme. This figure is not static, but constantly in motion. Shadow, light, transparency and movement are part of my research, both in sculpture and painting. The two of them are in the same continuum, sometimes a painting takes over a research initiated by the sculpture and vice versa.
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