Times have undoubtedly changed and continue to do so. Art galleries haven’t been spared either. Who imagined that they could access an art exhibition in the comfort of their homes? Thanks to the internet, you can now enjoy fascinating art from famous galleries with a click of a button. Renowned museums are currently online and provide art fanatics with virtual tours of eclectic exhibitions. From interactive videos to zoomable photos, the experience is unbeatable.

Van Gogh Museum

Despite being overlooked in his time, Van Gogh has become an iconic figure in the history of art. He is perhaps the greatest post-impressionist painter of all time. As a testament to his work, the Dutch established the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Using Google Arts and Culture, you can now easily access over 200 paintings and 750 of Van Gogh’s letters. Ensure to explore his starry night, and sunflower paintings, among other masterpieces.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi recently launched its virtual series: Art from Home. These series are in the form of video and audio tours. They explore all the cultural work that the gallery hosts, including the respected Yves Klein’s artworks. The other notable feature that will impress art lovers is the Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi. You can see all these works via the Louvre’s Google Play and Apple app. You’re also free to save any art that you enjoy to your device.

National Gallery of Victoria

Established in 1861, the NGV is Australia’s oldest art gallery. Much of the art treasures that the gallery offers can now be found online. You can now marvel at the works of notable craftsmen such as Picasso, Monet, Bacon, and Rodin without visiting a physical museum. The artwork that is on full display ranges from aboriginal artifacts to 20th-century contemporary art. All these works are brought to life by NGV’s intuitive, well-curated virtual tours.

Palace Museum

The Palace Museum is a Beijing based architectural complex that houses Chinese artworks. Despite being offered in Mandarin, its panoramic virtual tour is an art in itself. Their virtual 360˚ webpage is friendly, expandable, and reasonably straightforward. You’ll be awed by the sensational Buddhaisawan Chapel, and endless Buddha sculptures, among other marvelous Chinese murals.

Museum of Islamic Art

This museum is home to vast collections of Islamic crafts dating 1400 years back. Through the Google Arts and Culture online tour, you can enjoy exhibitions, including pottery, religious ceramics, textiles, and ceramics. The highlight of the tour is the 10th-century Nishapur Bowl, the Rothschild Small Silk Medallion Carpet, and the Planispheric Astrolabe.