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Art has been part of the human culture since the medieval ages. The best definition of art was perhaps provided by the great philosopher Aristotle. He viewed art as the realization and manifestation of an idea through an external form.

Major Forms of Arts

Art is quirky, dynamic, and comes in various forms. These categories are further divided into smaller branches, making detailed classification quite tricky. Here are the three major types of art.

Visual Arts

In loose terms, visual arts are artistic works that can be appreciated through sight. Examples include architecture, sculpture, painting, ceramics, drawing, photography, film making, and design. It’s based on expression by an artist who relies on apparatus such as brushes, pencils, charcoal, or even wax shadings to explain themselves. Visual art has been the practice of iconic persons such as Michelangelo, Picasso, Rembrandt van Rijn, Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and van Gogh.

Literary Art

Literary art is any art variant where the artist expresses his/her ideas in words and language. It is both informative and imaginative. It has been practiced since prehistoric ages. Several of these writings are in the form of phrases and literary dialects. The known sub-branches of literary arts are epic poetry, playwriting, fiction writing, among others.

Performing Arts

Performing arts is the most expressive form of art that invokes interest in millions of people. It primarily incorporates music, dance, theatre, and drama. It involves the use of one’s body and voice to convey ideas. Most of the time, the artist is referred to as a performer. When carrying out a particular act, a performer takes the name comedian, singer, actor, dancer, etc.

Art Galleries

There’s no more perfect setting for exhibiting artistic ideas other than art galleries. America alone accounts for over 14 million annual visits to these galleries. From contemporary art to traditional art to visual art, galleries are where true craftwork lie. They are the ideal place where art lovers can genuinely appreciate the works of outstanding artists. Collectors can purchase their favorite works in some of these galleries.

Art galleries also remind us of our history. They visually showcase works from previous civilizations. We get to understand both the political and social climate of the period the artwork was made.

Art museums dot almost every corner of this world. Read on. We will be reviewing the best art places and forms that are worth your time.